Celebration Victory

Graceof God celebrated in 2013Image

Jan 1st the whole congregation took oath that they will pray for the PEACE of Jerusalem the whole Israel.

The kingdom works from the following five Mission Fields

  1. Wimberlygunj – Pastor. Dhanaraj Paul & Sis.Lilly
  2. Garacharma – Pastor. Yovan & Sis.Lilly Pushparagam
  3. Mayabundar – Pastor. Francis Daniel & Sis.Gracy
  4. Diglipur – Pastor. Rajesh Guria & Sis.Sarani
  5. Cattlegunj – Pastor. David Paul & Sis.Esther

have been carried out for the glory of God and for the blessings of the Islanders. The following Social Activities are also very well being continued in the Mission Fields.

  1. Wisdom Institute at Wimberlygunj  – Miss. Laxmi
  2. Tabitha Tailoring School at Wimberlgunj – Mrs. Esther
  3. Tabitha Tailoring School at Diglipur – Mrs. Ullasi

Prayer Fellowship Leader Sis. Violet Joseph also could serve the Lord through Prayer Ministry. Thus we as Mission Family of 14 workers through 9 Centers from 5 Mission Fields Praise Jesus focusing Islanders to God’s Kingdom. It is only God’s grace and He enabled us to march forward accomplishing His Will to our maximum level best. There were many times we under gone health hazards unbearable but Jesus healed and protected us from numerous satanic forces of darkness.  Your valuable prayers brought the fulfillment of Psalm.91:1–2 “He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will abide in the shadow of the Almighty.  I will say to the Lord, My refuge and my fortress, my God in whom I Trust.” The dangerous path of Economic Crises like a Cyclone beaten us from all sides in most of our lives and threatened to throughout from Mission and Vision but many of your consoling and counseling encouraged us to still be patient in the ongoing boat to accomplish the God’s Will. His Words alone strengthened us through Psalm.23:4 “Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.” Leaving my wife beloved with my grown up children and stay more than Six months every year only to accomplish my calling and burden in God called Mission Field and glorify God.  Giving gospel, Teaching Bible and practically challenging biblical faith living among the Islanders are my life. Right from 1981 since I came to Andaman Islands keep myself involved in service to the people establish village level Home Churches in different Islands.  The people misunderstand simply by seeing our outlook with neat and clean dress; speak always positive and bold and carry on modest life style.  It is very hard to explain that we have shortage of Dresses, also neither proper food nor enough money but people imagine that we have more money and have good support from wealthy country.  Since 1981 we live in rented buildings, many servants of God prophesied and some time we also felt that God would bless us own building to run the mission main bass and some social activities.  Every year we keep shifting our residence due to unaffordable rent price. “Discussion never comes to conclusion where no oneness but the understanding each other brings right conclusion and peaceful solution” The own shelter would bring a good harvest of souls and sources. Under the main base shelter Tailoring School, Typing Institute, Care for the Women and Adolescent girls of any creed and group shall be worked out for the Glory of God.  The nonprofit people oriented social activities enlighten the backward grass root level people group.

The Victorious entrance of 2014 The 2013 ending and 2014 beginning in the presence of our Lord was greatly enjoyable.  It was a blessed occasion the whole congregation assembled together gave thanks to God, prayed for each other and also prayed for the Peace of Israel. God spoke with the Integrity of Joseph the son of Jacob and also encouraged with His promise from Isaiah.61:6&7. The Responsibility of Priesthood and Ministering to the people was also very strongly emphasized among us by God’s Spirit.  Then there will be double portion instead of Shame.  Eat from the wealth of the nations.  This is God who spoke and His will be done.  Amen.


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